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Magician of the mood, Doug Susic possesses the genius to design and build majestic luxury homes.

As a member of the Australian Film Industry (AFI), Doug from Natalex Constructions background with the film industry gives him a creative edge. Working on film projects has taught him how to express ideas visually, and he is able to do this when designing your home.

Doug Susic is recognised as a talented Artist in Design and Building beautiful homes in Melbourne. He managed to combine his high level of technical experience and his rich artistic imagination in his work, to produce the perfect blend of aesthetic harmony and customer needs and dreams.

Doug knows how to orchestrate the specific art while unveiling its charged past and more specially, he knows how to update it to the modern interiors.

As an accredited art director, Doug has worked on such film projects as “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Robinson Crusoe” “Deja Vu” and many more.

He has design running through his veins. Doug treats each home as he would the
design of a film project – design to the customer’s scrip, vision and lifestyle of each home owner.

Doug Susic
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